Modelling Class 25s Pt.3

With the Bachmann fronted Silver Fox cabs attached to the Bachmann body I sat back and had a good look at it. It struck me that the Silver Fox cab doors (copies of the original Hornby ones) didn’t look too brilliant with poor door handles and the windows looked a bit on the small side. I came to the conclusion that the Bachmann doors are better and if I’d thought it through properly before starting cutting I could have kept the Bachmann doors. Luckily I had a spare body so I cut the doors from it and the SF cabs, filed them until the were a good fit and araldited them into the new body. The handrail holes at 0.7mm were far too big so were filled with 30thou rod and will be redrilled later for new 0.33mm diameter nickel silver handrails. Having learned my lesson I’ll make sure all future 24/25 conversions keep the Bachmann doors from the beginning without having to sacrifice spare shells later in the build.


The chassis has been chopped around pretty much as per the Jim S-W method although I’ve managed to keep the chassis frame complete without removing the buffer beam and cab floor by adding some 2mm square reinforcement between the bogie pivot and the cab side where the cutting away doesn’t leave much of the original chassis behind. I also reinforced the main chassis frame between the bogie pivots with more of the 2mm square Evergreen strip.

Other additions to the body are strips of 20 thou strip along the bottom of the bodyside between the body mounts and a representation of the chassis frame below the cabs. These will need a little more fettling as now I’ve reassembled the loco I can see there is going to be an issue with bogie swing.


That’s pretty much it for now with this loco. It’ll need a Shawplan roof grill and a little work on the Bachmann lamp irons to refine them and then I’ll have to select which loco it’s going to be so that the detail can be correct for a loco running in Scotland in 1975. 25108 looks favourite at the moment but it depends on which loco I can find decent photgraphs of. Time to hit the book collection and the internet I think.



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