Welcome to Waveydavey’s Model Muddle.

My name is David Furmage and I mostly model in 4mm scale P4 gauge, usually set in 1975 in the Central Scottish county of Clackmannanshire. I built and exhibited the layout Longcarse West between 2008 and 2011. This was my first attempt at building a layout and although it was a success and proved that I could work to P4 standards I felt I could do better so it has now been sold on so that I can begin work on a new layout.

This will be my new modelling blog after finding I could no longer access my old one ‘waveydaveysmodellingblog’. Here you will see my amateurish attempts at modelling in P4 and the build of the new layout which is currently imaginatively titled ‘Longcarse West 2’. I’m also developing an interest in 7mm modelling so a little bit of that might crop up here and a small S7 plank may appear eventually.

To keep you going until further content appears here is a link to my workbench thread on one of the old incarnations of RMWeb.



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